How to write only Text on Moments, WeChat Timeline?

Warning: feature not available on the version for Windows Phone


1/ Go to “Social” tab

2/ Click on “Moments” on the top part of the screen

3/ Press or hold the camera button for a while (a new window appears to write text)

4/ You can write text and click the “Send” button

You’re done!

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Screen in Spanish below:



14 responses to “How to write only Text on Moments, WeChat Timeline?

  1. But I’m unable to delete this text-only post. How may I do so?


    • Hello,
      On our side, it is working well.
      What Operating System are you using?
      Please let us know what you are doing and when you think it is not working properly
      Thank you

  3. This doesn’t work for me.. I’m using a Windows Phone 8..

    • Hello Eden
      You are right: current version of WeChat for Windows Operating System doesn’t handle this function. As of today, you cannot write only text. On iOS version, it is possible.
      All About WeChat

  4. Ok.. Thank you for the info! Hopefully this will be available soon =)

  5. wow. this was really helpful. thanks..

  6. i have iphone 3g iOS 3.1.3 version. wechat 4.3.. not working

  7. How To Put Emoticon On My Moments??

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